Make your party scene magical with our gorgeous mood lighting package.

Pick a colour/s of your choice and perhaps when the party gets started let the lights dance with the music.

Our DJs can set up the lighting to enhance the entire venue in a specific colour or theme, or it can be used in specific areas of the venue to light up the dance floor or key features of the venue itself.

Our led uplighters can be set in one specific colour or it can be altered to fade to a variety of colours of your choice. These lights consume very little power and do not get hot, meaning you can place them around your venue without having to worry about keeping them away from your guests.

Our Gold wedding disco package includes moodlighting hire for the duration of your disco. You can also hire our LED Uplighting by itself (without a disco) so if you’re looking for moodlighting to compliment a band that’s no problem.

Led uplighter hire prices – Full day hire

4 led uplighters in your choice of colours £80

6 led uplighters in your choice of colours £120

8 led uplighters in your choice of colours £140

These prices include delivery and collection to venues within a 15 mile radius of Barrnstable, North Devon.